History & Purpose

Another Way was born out of need and has been in existence since 1986.

It is the brainchild of a handful of Inland Regional Center Case Managers who recognized that many of their clients were struggling to maintain a basic living. Motivated by a sincere desire to help, these dedicated employees began to raise funds. The goal was to bridge the gap between the services and supports Inland Regional Center provides and those it cannot due to State guidelines. Staff sold baked goods, held car washes, and donated money. A tradition that continues to this day.  In time, these grassroots efforts evolved into a comprehensive fundraising program that includes grants, events, individual and corporate giving.

Another Way’s purpose is to help children and adults who have a disability such as intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy or epilepsy and their family members during a time of financial crisis or great need. Another Way’s intent is to bring relief, hope, and stability to each person it serves.

Our clients are often among the most underserved and impoverished in the community. Many live on Social Security Income of $890 a month. When tragedy strikes, such as a prolonged hospital stay or loss of a care-giver, for example, they are left in turmoil and often struggle to get back on stable ground.