Our Volunteers

Alexander Rubio


Program Manager for Moreno Valley/Perris Adult and State Developmental Centers

I’ve been employed at IRC for 17 years now and have been an Another Way member for about 15 years or so. During that time I’ve not held a Chair position, but have been proud to participate as a volunteer…or moderately bad golfer. I’ve always been happy to support Another Way. To align your efforts with something bigger than yourself is truly a worthy cause to take on, especially when it’s rooted in compassion for others.

Marie Harris


Sandra Guzman


I decided to join Another Way after I was invited to attend a “Request Meeting”.  I instantly fell in love with the mission and purpose of Another Way.  I’m honored to work along-side some of the most kind-hearted, selfless and caring group of volunteers…     

Carolina Saucedo

Co- Treasurer

Being part of a team that focuses on helping the underserved community members in which we live is very important. As an Another Way member, I am a driven by the gratitude that I am lucky enough to experience firsthand by some of the families which we serve. The excitement in a child when they open their only Christmas gift or the tears of happiness from a family would not otherwise have a meal are just a few of the many reasons why I joined. I take great pride in working with a group of talented individuals who have the same vision and put forth their efforts in a positive and life-changing way.

Aldo Ibuado


Lesly Diaz Madrid

Co – Secretary

Jenny Alvarez

My name is Jenny Alvarez and I decided to join Another Way because I love to serve my community. Not only am I doing a service to a community I work with, but it also feels like I am serving God by helping families who need advocates and extra help in their daily basic needs.  I have gained so much respect and admiration for the agencies who help consumers by sponsoring them with grants and other creative assistance like food, housing, and necessary items like furniture, clothes, and emergency kits. I could have not chosen a better committee to serve than Another Way!

Erick Andersen

I did not know anything about Another Way before I was hired through a grant to work with them. The more I learned about how they help people and families of people with developmental disabilities, the more I grew to love their cause. I wanted to do more so I became the Co-Chair and then later the Chair of Another Way for 4 years. I also have been able to work with Inland Regional Center as a Consumer Services Coordinator for the last 5 years. Combining the effort of directly working with the community and raising funds to keep helping those families in need has been an experience of growth. My time with Another Way has been an amazing experience and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

David Camerena

When I first heard of Another Way I thought it was amazing. I joined Another Way because I like helping our consumers that are in need. I believe in Another Way’s mission statement and I am very proud to be a member.

Alicia Lara

Joined in September 1990

I joined Another Way due to seeing the extreme need of the people that I served as a Consumer Services Coordinator. Especially in the lower dessert such as the Thermal and Mecca area where resources were very limited, and our consumers were the most marginal with income. Seeing the faces of joy when they would receive a Thanksgiving basket was almost heartbreaking; they were beyond happy even when given so little. This was reassuring to me that they were the most in need of assistance. I continued to participate for what Another Way stands for and to be able to assist our consumers directly.

Katie Lee

Maria Viernes

Leigh – Ann Pierce

I joined Another Way because I wanted to be part of something bigger. Another Way assists with emergencies. It gives me the opportunity to advocate in a different way. It feels good when you find out that a consumer can stay in their home because AW helped with the rent. Everyday things that some may take for granted like glasses and going to the dentist, are the types of things that our consumers need help with and cannot always afford. Another Way assists while still respecting the consumers dignity and autonomy.

Stephanie Zermeno & Son

I joined Another Way because I believed the mission of the organization sought to fulfill a crucial need in an already underserved population of California and I wanted to support that. Helping to provide food, clothing, medical equipment, and other unmet needs to people in emergency situations fills a gap that other organizations do not have the resources provide. The longer I am involved with Another Way, the more I desire to support its mission.

Vanessa Osuna

I have been a part of Another Way for three years. I began with Another Way by assisting Andrea with the dental grant and the more I worked with Another Way the more I enjoyed it. It is a wonderful feeling to know that all the hard work Another Way puts in, is to assist and support of our consumers and their families. I am now a Consumer Services Coordinator (CSC) and I continue to help and support the committee because of all the amazing support it provides to our consumers.

Ramon Quezada

It has always been a goal of mine to help those who are less fortunate. Working for Inland Regional Center has fulfilled a portion of this goal by coordinating services for children with disabilities and their families. However, Another Way has provided an opportunity to go above and beyond to help families in need. It has provided an opportunity to find new resources to reach out and help these families. In addition, it has also provided a chance to meet people with an array of backgrounds and lines of expertise that further enhances my abilities to keep learning new methods to help these families. I always consider myself a work in progress and looking forward to working with this committee and hopefully able to contribute and be part of this group for many years to come.

Christina Calderon

Joe Calderon

Sharon Cobb

Gerardo Castaneda

Fredick Martinez

Carolina Lara

Sheri Staggers-Doswell

Demetria Lee

Felicia Valencia

Guadalupe Lara

Heidy Puma

Salilo Faatiliga

Mary Trujillo

Lawana Spencer

Anthony Guzman

Jessica Guzman

I decided to donate my time to the Another Way foundation because I am a very resourceful person and I know that I can assist more of IRC’s clients by joining the Another Way team.

Claudia Vizcarra

Gabriela Hernandez

Rosy Hernandez

Sandra Ruiz

I decided to donate my time to the Another Way foundation because I am a very resourceful person and I know that I can assist more of IRC’s clients by joining the Another Way team.